Intellexual Design, home of THE BEST UNIQUE custom hand painted shoes and accessories on the WEB!

As seen on Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf, BarkPost, Paulette-Magazine.com, Buzzfeed.com and Smosh.com!

When you purchase hand painted shoes from Intellexual Design, consider them a work of art. One pair of Intellexual Design’s hand-painted sneakers takes hours (sometimes days or WEEKS) to paint. Remember, all are done free-hand. Every detail is absolutely beautiful and given the utmost personal attention! As of March 2016, custom shoes by Intellexual Design are being worn by customers in 22 countries and 49 states!

Intellexual Design only sells 100% authentic name brand shoes and only top quality paints and dyes are used, and with proper care, they never chip, fade, bleed or come off.

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Intellexual Design has a 5-Star feedback rating on Etsy! See here: Etsy 5-Star Feedback


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