Karen Willard, Owner & Designer

Founded in March of 2010, Intellexual Design, LLC is the creative playground and passion of Karen Willard, who serves as both Owner and Designer. What began as a casual interlude in shoe customization while finishing a Master’s in Business Administration, quickly became a fresh and competitive small business and now a thriving full time career.

Highly adept at utilizing both the left and right brain, Karen has always engaged in some form of creating. As a self-taught artist and creator, she enjoys painting, sewing, sculpting, graphic design, web design, crocheting (and most recently knitting).

Additionally, she became very business-oriented at a young age and with the help of an extensive education in the field, knows how to run every single aspect of a business to include (but not limited to) marketing and development, accounting, public relations and social media marketing.

As of March 2018, custom wearable art by Intellexual Design, LLC is being worn by customers in 35 countries and all 50 US States.