Upgrade Update #2

Brief update on the site upgrade:

The NEW Intellexual Design site is up and running – there are a few things that are still in progress:

– Look Books (Gallery) upgrade is at around 30% completion
– Shop Setup and Design are at 40% completion

Please DO NOT attempt to make a purchase from the www.intellexual-design.com shop just yet! It is in a testing mode while I input coupon codes, items, item variations, and shipping options. Purchases/payments will not go thru or be processed.

You can still make purchases at www.etsy.com/shop/intellexualdesign

I’m hoping for this project to be complete in the next 3-5 days, at which point the shop will go live, and intxd.com will then point to the new shop.

Thank you for your patience and continued support!!


Karen Tucker, Owner & Designer
Intellexual Design